About me

I am currently a fourth-year honors student at the University of California Santa Barbara, pursuing a Communication B.A., Professional Writing Minor with a Multimedia Design focus, and Certificate of Business Law.

I see the goal of communication as far more than the successful transmission of information, and strive to create messages that are not simply read or heard, but truly experienced and connected with.


Lead Journalism and Social Media Intern

UCSB Division of Humanities and Fine Arts
June 2020 - June 2022

Leading UCSB's Journalism and Social Media intern team for the Division of Humanities and Fine Arts, I head my five-person team in managing the UCSB HFA website, event calendar, and all social media platforms, focusing on increasing awareness of and engagement with everything that the division has to offer.

My responsibilities include generating relevant marketing collateral and social media content, conducting faculty and featured speaker interviews, writing and publishing original news and features articles, curating a monthly speaker series, producing a bi-weekly newsletter, and effectively collaborating with HFA event coordinators, high-caliber sponsors, and esteemed featured speakers.

Creative Design and Marketing Assistant

UCSB Summer Sessions
June 2021 - June 2022

As a Marketing Assistant at UCSB Summer Sessions, I work to develop communication and outreach strategies to best inform current and prospective students about summer opportunities, and focus on fostering a sense of community, inclusivity, and belonging among student populations.

My responsibilities include managing, monitoring, and generating content for all Summer Sessions social media platforms, developing and researching outreach strategies and opportunities to increase Summer Sessions recognition in pre-college, campus, and off-campus audiences, writing original copy for events, announcements, newsletters, and web pages, producing various forms of relevant marketing collateral, and working closely with Student Services in identifying student issues to establish creative solutions.

Research Assistant

Media Neuroscience Lab
January 2022 - June 2022

I assist Dr. René Weber and team in conducting research at the intersection of media, neuroscience, and research methodology.

Current projects pertain to the neural processing of film and television narratives, the representation of minorities in popular social media content, and media portrayal of societal moral opinion change.

My responsibilites include gathering, reading, and summarizing research as part of literature reviews, assembling documentation for data collection protocols to ensure clear interpretability, performing a wide variety of data collection processes, and reviewing data for errors and inconsistencies.

Multimedia Samples

Please explore the selected projects exemplifying my writing and design work below.

Dune: A New Frontier for Screenwriter Eric Roth

Having had the honor of participating in an interview with seven-time-Oscar-winner and Dune screenwriter Eric Roth, I covered our conversation and more in an article discussing the details of his creative process behind the epic 2021 film for the UCSB Division of Humanities and Fine Arts website.

Meeting the Writer Behind Marvel's First Asian Superhero

After speaking with Destin Daniel Cretton, co-writer and director of Marvel’s groundbreaking 2021 film release Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, I examined what meaningful intricacies lay below the surface of the film in another piece for UCSB's Humanities and Fine Arts Division website.

Brand Style Guide

A project for a design course taken as part of my Professional Writing Minor, the Brand Style Guide for ROMYK explores the principles of logo, typography, color, and imagery through a conceptual lense, creating a definitive stylistic framework curating a unique, versatile, and timeless brand image.

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